Mergers & Acquisitions


Our professional team of experts harnesses years of deals experience and provide our clients with insightful advice on obtaining their goals. Once a strategy is developed our team guides our client through the process of consolidation or acquisition.

Project Management


Effective, efficient and professional project managers with international experience. 

We help our clients navigate the project development cycle. Collaborating across multiple disciplines we manage all aspects of the project during its development, transforming our client's vision into reality. 

Urban Planning & Design


We provide a full range of Urban Planning and Urban Design solutions. 

In an ever expanding urban environment our planners and designers take lessons from around the world and provide both a fresh point of view and insightful solutions for our clients.

Cost Management


Cost Modeling and Cost Planning, Bench-marking, Value and Risk Analysis. Our cost management services provide expertise across project life cycles to reduce risk and provide custom solutions backed by our experts and specialists. We provide advice on the cost implications of client objectives and implement risk management methods that ensure targets are met. 

Renewable Energy Development


Staying true to our initial mandate, Investors Beyond Borders provides a full range of services to your energy project from development on through to construction and completion. Our experts bring years of experience and expertise to your renewable energy project ensuring that your vision is successfully implemented. 


We provide complete engineering solutions to clients around the world.

We provide our clients the core engineering services they require throughout the development cycle. We foster close collaboration between multiple disciplines to reduce construction and operating costs.

Environmental Services


Working cooperatively with stakeholders to solves environmental challenges, our environmental services help our clients repair, protect and enhance our natural environment. We carefully consider site-specific conditions, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder concerns before determining a course of action and provide unmatched support to our clients.

Forestry Management


Forestry management goes far beyond planting and harvesting. Our team of experts provide a complete forestry scheme to clients seeking solutions to expand, manage and enhance their woodland resources. 

From planning and regeneration to prescribed burns and harvesting, our professionals can provide comprehensive management plans and insightful recommendations to clients.



Working with stakeholders and clients we provide tailor made solutions along every stage of the production cycle. Our team of experts drives innovation in the agriculture sector. Investing in and incorporating the latest techniques and technology designed to enhance and exploit natural conditions. We seek to improve production for the benefit of the environment, producers and consumers.